Winter is on the way

You need to be warm and healthy to keep the good work up!
We have collected some clothing tips and products to make you ready for the winter.
Check in!

Dress up right in the winter
When we are physically active, the body produces heat. If it gets too hot, the body wants to start cooling off by sweating out sweat. There can be a problem during the winter, but you can handle if you are properly dressed.

The secret of wearing clothes really consists of two things:

Transport the sweat away from the skin to keep it as dry as possible.
Keep your body warm and good.
Dress in multiple layers

This principle is to wear clothes in different layers that have different functions. If you know these principles, you can be sure that you get a great outing. The reason is simple: you realize that the two simple principles, sweat and excess heat are transported from the body while you do not get cold.

For simplicity, we call the three layers:

  • Underwear
  • Between garments
  • Outerwear

There are underwear in cotton, wool and various synthetic materials. Cotton should never be used closest to the body. When the cotton gets wet, it sticks to the body and you want to feel cold. Wool is recommended safely to the most conditions. It keeps the heat even if it gets wet. Soft merino wool as in Ulvang and Iris is very comfortable to have closest to the body.

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